Historic Summary

    In 1563 a salt manufactury was founded on the left bank of the river Odra. It gave start to the settlement of Nowa Sol which became the town in 1743.

    The church was built between 1591 and 1597. On May 27th 1597, it was consecrated by the pastor from Rakow near Smardzew of Swiebodzin and deacn Abraham Cremerus from Zubrow. The first pastor of the church was Melchior Ritilius. In 1651 the church was given to the catholics though after pastor Melchior Riedl's death in 1625 the parish was taken over by a catholic priest Melchior Rismann. He as well a the next five priests lived in Rudno and were in change of the both parishes until 1731. The first priest who lived in Nowa Sol was Jan Szuman. Later he became Rector of Wroclaw Seminary. Then there were another ten German priests until 1945. After World war II the parish was taken over by Polish priests. At present canon priest Jan Truty is running the church.

    The church is the oldest sacral monument in the town. It is registered by the State Service of the Preservation of Monuments because of its valuable baroque interior, rococo font, altars and sculptures of the XVIIIth century.